Snow Flurry™ Shaved Ice Machine



The Snow Flurry™ ice block shaver is the first home use machine that can produce snow equal to that of the best shaved ice outlets.

What makes the Snow Flurry™ a home use machine?

  1. Price – $249.00
  2. The shaver does not have UL and NSF certifications required  by certain states for commercial use.

Who needs a Snow Flurry™ ice block shaver?

  1. Fundraising events of churches,schools, civic groups and team sports.
  2. Afternoon add-on business for restaurants, coffee houses and ice cream parlors.
  3. Every swimming pool

Why buy shaved ice machines and supplies from Southern Snow™?

  1. You are buying manufacturer direct.
  2. All we do is shaved ice.
  3. Blades sharpened and adjusted during final assembly at Southern Snow Mfg., Inc.
  4. Dial 1-800-393-8933 to order or get advice.
  5. Blades, blade sharpening and accessories are available.
  6. You receive the same printed instructions and great flavors used in the shaved ice capital of the world — New Orleans.

Hot tips for great snow:

  1. The Snow Flurry™ ice needs to be in a shiny, melting state for best snow.
  2. The Southern Snow™ machine produces its finest snow when the ice is taken from the freezer set at 0 to 10F.

Block Ice

The very best snow is made with a block ice shaver and not cube ice. The Snow Flurry™ requires block ice. If you cannot buy block ice, you need to make it. How do you make block ice?

  1. Purchase ice molds and use your freezer.
  2. Purchase an ice block maker

Each home freezer can freeze approximately two blocks of ice daily. Two 8 pound blocks of ice will produce approximately 30 twelve ounce shaved ice products. Two blocks can be made each day to stockpile for a special event.

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